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Supporting your immune system with Andrographis

What is Andrographis?

Androgrpahis falls within a favorite category of mine, adaptogens. Adaptogens are widely recognized throughout the history of Ayurevdic medicine. Currently, there are over 800 studies for andrographis in the PubMed online database. Andrographis is the pinnacle in immune function and cellular protection. It is currently being clinically studied, along with other adaptogens, for their many health benefits.

In these difficult times it is critical to make sure your body is handling stressors to the best of its ability. In today’s society, we are all stretched to our limits on a daily basis; whether it be work, parenting a child, caring for a loved one, volunteering and more. Add in a pandemic and taking care of our bodies gets pushed down the to-do list constantly. When you stop caring for your body lots of things happen - you feel sluggish, you can get depressed and develop anxiety, you become short tempered, and more. One thing that happens that we don’t tend to notice until its too late, is your immune system caves to the stress and pressure making you more vulnerable to illness.

So how do we fix this when it seems impossible to slow down?

The Natural Way carries an amazing product from Terry Naturally called Andrographis and Ashwagandha. These two products will offer you supreme immune defense, help you adjust to the stressors your body goes through mentally, provide you the energy and endurance along with stamina that you need, support your bodies recovery process and allow for better concentration.

When taking this combination, you can rest assured you will be left feeling your best.


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