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Vitamins, Supplements, and Nutrition


The word "vitamin" was coined in 1911 by the Warsaw-born biochemist Casimir Funk (1884-1967). At the Lister Institute in London, Funk isolated a substance that prevented nerve inflammation (neuritis) in chickens raised on a diet deficient in that substance. He named the substance "vitamine" because he believed it was necessary to life and it was a chemical amine. The "e" at the end was later removed when it was recognized that vitamins need not be amines.

The letters (A, B, C and so on) were assigned to the vitamins in the order of their discovery. The one exception was vitamin K which was assigned its "K" from the Danish"Koagulation" by the Danish researcher Henrik Dam.

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Herbal supplements are a type of dietary supplement that contains herbs, plant or part of a plant used for its flavor, scent, or potential therapeutic properties. These include flowers, leaves, bark, fruit, seeds, stems, and roots, either singly or in mixtures. 

Many herbs have a long history of claimed health benefits. 

Body Care

Did you know you can absorb more toxins from personal, skincare and hair-care products than from food?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body — and also the thinnest. Less than one-tenth of an inch separates your body from potential toxins. Worse yet, your skin is highly permeable. Just about anything you put on your skin will end up in your bloodstream and will be distributed throughout your body.

Putting chemicals on your skin or scalp may actually be worse than eating them. When you eat something, the enzymes in your saliva and stomach help to break it down and flush it out of your body. However, when you put these chemicals on your skin, they are absorbed straight into your bloodstream without filtering of any kind, going directly to your delicate organs. 


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”                       
― Hippocrates

Having a healthy diet has a lot of benefits. It can help you lose weight or maintain your desired weight. It also can lower your cholesterol and prevent certain health conditions. Learn how to make healthier food choices because they matter. 

Something else

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